Recognising Struggles and Celebrating achievements: Profiles of Congolese Women

Congolese women on International Women's Day 2013. Photo: Le

Congolese women on International Women’s Day 2013. Photo: Le

March is the month for Women; from the annual Million Women Rise  march – a rally against male violence – to the street protests in Kinshasa, women all over the world unite to fight against gender-based injustices. It is also a time to recognise  and celebrate women’s achievements in the social, political, academic and entrepreneurial spheres. Throughout the month of March, we will be posting articles and interviews with Congolese women in Congo and the diaspora in an attempt to not only highlight the plight of Congolese women in Congo, but also to  celebrate the lives and works of these dynamic and inspiring women.  Our first interview is with London-based Film Director and Activist  Shana Mongwanga.