Audition Time -24-03-2014

Workshop number 8 – Audition time

Back in the more familiar setting of Federation House, this week participants got the chance to showcase their talents to the rest of the group at the auditions.

After the initial greetings and snacks (more than usual) Cheryl and Sarah got straight to work by setting the agenda for the night. The participants were split into two groups, the first followed Cheryl downstairs to try out for acting, and the second remained upstairs with Tyndale and Emmanuela to sing. Later the groups would swap.

Although a bit reluctant at first, the participants soon warmed up and one by one sheepishly crept over to the piano where Tyndale, Emmanuela, Pat & Co awaited pen in hand.  After a bit of reassurance and coaxing from Emmanuela, “this is just for us to see what you can do”, “you can sing anything”, one brave soul (Maivis) plucked up the courage to step up and kick off the singing. With a song from her church “The more that I Save him the Sweeter it grows” Mavis beautifully serenaded the rest of the group with Tyndale harmonising on the keys.  Each of the participants then followed suit auditioning with a wide variety of original, as well as more familiar songs in many different  languages, Arabic, Shona to name a few.



Moving downstairs, the acting auditions were in full swing. Some participants had come prepared with monologues/ poems and some preferred to improvise on the spot. Auditions included sketches about coming to the UK from Africa – the sentiments participants felt both culturally and personally. One participant in particular improvised about the devastation and trauma she felt during the aftermath of  hurricane Katrina.

After performing Cheryl then directed some of the auditionees to repeat what they had done giving them additional directions.



The session ended with participants regrouping upstairs to enjoy the rest of the night with dancing  and food before breaking up for the Easter break. The next workshop sessions will take place on Monday the 28th of April.