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5 Men You Didn’t Know Were Congolese

There’s just over a week to go till Congolese Independence Day (June 30). Which can only mean one thing – there’s even LESS time to go till LISAPO: The Congolese Tales hits Band On The… Continue reading

BBC Radio Manchester Interview

Participant and organiser Christina Fonthes talks to Karen Gabay from BBC Radio Manchester. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p020lysl (starts 4:51 mins in)

Gaydio Interview with Lisapo participant and organiser

Participant and organiser Christina Fonthes talks Lisapo, Pondu and coming to Manchester for love http://nwplayer.gaydio.co.uk/?odCat=3&odItem=127#  ( starts 37 mins in)  

Beyond the War and Ndombolo feature in the New Left Project

Beyond the War and Ndombolo feature in the New Left Project Our feature ‘Beyond the War Ndombolo’ has just been published in the New Left Project. Please do read and share with your… Continue reading

Spotlight on Congolese Women: Gasandji Rever – The ‘African Jazzy-Soul’ Songstress

To conclude our Spotlight on Congolese Women series, we profiled Paris-based singer and songwriter Gasandji Rever.   Framed from the back, with the dazzling sun of a hazy afternoon in the French countryside as… Continue reading

Spotlight on Congolese Women: Portrait of the Young Actress, Author & Activist Rachel Mwanza

From the streets of Kinshasa to the red carpets of Paris, Quebec, Berlin and New York, the young star, Rachel Mwanza, is the modern Cinderella of DRC. She escaped the streets of Kinshasa,… Continue reading

Recognising Struggles and Celebrating achievements: Profiles of Congolese Women

March is the month for Women; from the annual Million Women Rise  march – a rally against male violence – to the street protests in Kinshasa, women all over the world unite to… Continue reading